About us

When Maggie Fowler became a volunteer Apprenticeship Ambassador in 2015, she discovered that there was a huge amount of confusion and mis-understanding around vocational qualifications.

This was mainly because of the speed and frequency with which qualifications changed, but was compounded by the often bizarre way in which qualifications were named, acronyms used, multiple and outdated references maintained, so that the whole system became incomprehensible to anyone outside of the FE sector. She quotes two examples:

16 – 18 yr old students

  • Students aged 16 to 18 are referred to as 6th form students
  • They are in school year 12 and 13
  • They are at key stage 5 in their education 
  • They generally study Level 3 qualifications

The BTEC fiaco

Did you know that there are 85 current qualifications with ‘BTEC’ and ‘Engineering’ in their title? 

And there are another 135 ‘closed’ qualifications with titles that also include BTEC and Engineering. 

All of these qualifications will appear on CVs and may just be described as “I’ve got a BTEC in Engineering”. One of them has the value of half a low GCSE pass and another is equivalent to degree standard. 

This website is an attempt to overcome this problem.